Social Change Virtual Town Hall

Yara Shahidi, Andrew Yang, Karamo Brown, CEOs and Nonprofit Leaders Convene for Citizen Verizon Assembly Addressing Responsible Business and Creating Social Change

In what should be a fascinating event, join world-renowned leaders for an urgent discussion on driving impact around inclusivity, education and the workforce of the future on Tuesday, July 28 at 5pm EST on Yahoo Finance and @Verizon on Twitter.

For this event, Verizon is bringing together business leaders, activists, policy experts and thought leaders for the first-ever Citizen Verizon Assembly, which will focus on creating responsible and just business practices, cultivating an inclusive future in education, and upskilling our workforce to ensure everyone can prosper.

The hour-long virtual event will include keynotes and discussions with leaders from around the globe, including former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, Grown-ish actress and activist Yara Shahidi, and Ben & Jerry’s CEO Matthew McCarthy, among others.

This is the first in a series of Citizen Verizon Assemblies that will spotlight the importance of corporate responsibility in helping to drive social, economic and environmental advancement.

“The Citizen Verizon Assembly was born out of the need for businesses to raise their voices along with the millions of Americans who are fighting for social causes and change. From big cities to small towns, now is the time for all of us to come together and use our power – our power as caring citizens, thought leaders, companies, educators, activists and celebrities – to follow through on our commitments to create real, lasting, meaningful change. At the end of the day, we’re all citizens of this world. I’m excited to see changemakers coming together to join us in moving the world forward,” said Rose Stuckey Kirk, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Verizon.

The inaugural Citizen Verizon Assembly will allow the public to hear from global leaders, activists, television personalities and leaders of iconic brands. Events include:

A discussion moderated by Karamo Brown on building a future that’s inclusive, including:
• Geoff Canada, educator and activist pioneering school reform;
• Yara Shahidi, actress, producer and change agent;
• and Meredith Walker, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls
A CEO panel on businesses taking a responsibility for pressing social issues will include:
• Hans Vestberg, CEO, Verizon;
• Matthew McCarthy, CEO of Ben & Jerry’s;
• David Heath, Co-Founder and CEO of Bombas;
• Mindy Grossman, CEO of Weight Watchers;
• Enrique Lores, CEO of HP;
• and moderated by Ibram X Kendi, bestselling author and founding director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University
• Andrew Yang, Founder, Humanity Forward, will deliver closing

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